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Standard Bali Package – 4N/5D

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Bali Tour Packages

Indonesia, which is considered as a land of Islands has over 17,000 islands and is the world’s largest island country. However, the one which attracts the most crowd is the beautiful province of Bali. A visit to Bali will definitely spark all your senses. It is undoubtedly the most travelled destination in Indonesia. And that’s because the place has so much to offer, from mountain ranges to lush green jungles, serene waters to stunning waterfalls and astonishing art and culture draws people’s attention from all over the world.

The never-ending list of beautiful beaches is the foremost reason to visit Bali. Here you will find beaches as per your mood and all these beaches have so much to offer. Your dream of diving deep in endless water, extreme water sports, will be fulfilled here in the most amazing way.

Hidden remote beaches away from the crowd will let you find peace and give you the vibes you have been longing for. All the destinations of Bali are equally alluring and give you the chance to rejuvenate. Situated along the equator, this tropical nation has a fair share of nature and culture which draws the attention of thousands of visitors every year. Whether you are travelling in a group, solo, or with your partner, Bali is going to satisfy you in the best possible way and that is the reason why it is the most popular destination among travellers.

How to reach Bali

Reaching your next travel destination, Bali is not a big deal as there are various mediums for you to go. You can reach Bali by three means – Air, sea, and road.

By Air:

Bali has an airport named – Denpasar International Airport. It is the busiest and the best airport in Indonesia. This airport is served by many international airports and there are many domestic airlines in Indonesia that will connect you to Bali. After you find your visa to Indonesia, determine the airport for your departure. Book your ticket to Denpasar International Airport and you will reach Bali from any part of the world.

By Sea:

Most of the cruise liners that are travelling through South-East Asia have their stop at Bali. If you want to explore Bali via sea, you must consider taking a flight up to Singapore or Java. From these places you can take a ship to reach Bali. It is not advisable for you to travel to Bali by/via sea as seas might turn rough leading to an unpleasant experience.

By Road:

You cannot travel to Bali directly by bus or train. To travel by road, you need to first land on the places near Bali and then take a ferry ride. The most common ferry ride is from Jakarta to Bali. It is a 23-hour journey. Road journeys are not very advisable as they might get exhausting.

Best time to visit Bali

Bali is a destination that is accessible throughout the year. It is climatically comfortable to visit whenever you want to, thus it is a year-round destination. However, if you want to enjoy your Bali trip to the maximum, the best months to visit are from – April to October, the summer months of Bali.

April to October – Some of the world’s best waves created by the western peninsula can be seen at this time of the year in April to October. It is a peak tourist season in Bali as thousands of people visit Bali in these months. These are the busiest months in Bali and surely the best time for you to visit Bali.

October to March – During these months, there is rainfall in Bali, so it is better to avoid it if you are planning to visit Bali during these months. However, you will be able to bag better deals in terms of food and stay, but you won’t have many things to do during these months.

Best places to visit

You are in a place like Bali, where you will find the beauty of exotic beaches everywhere around you. The place is full of different locations for you to explore and gives you different reasons to stay and feel connected to the place.

Pura Tanah Lot:

20 kilometers from the north-west of Kuta, Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most iconic temples of Bali. Its seaside setting, surrounded by crashing waves, is what makes it a special and must-see place in Bali. It is of utmost importance for Balinese people as they consider it very sacred.

Mount Batur:

Hundreds of people who visit Bali begin the trek to the 1,700-meter summit - Mount Batur. If you are looking to do something romantic in Bali, then this must be on top of your list. The view from the top is breathtaking.

Uluwatu Temple:

The magnificent clifftop setting of this temple makes it the most famous temple of the place. Late afternoon or the time of sunset is the best time to visit as the entire environment is golden and glows differently.

Ubud Monkey Forest:

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is one of the most amazing things to do in Ubud, Bali. If you are an animal lover and a photographer, this is the right place for you. Many animals roam around and you can get your perfect shot here. The forest is a perfect example of animal and human co-existence.

Ubud Art and Culture:

Ubud is also an epicenter of art and culture. Modern temples and monuments act as main patrons. There are several art museums and galleries to celebrate the art and culture of Bali.

Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali:

You might have seen dreamy rice terraces of Bali in social media or in movies and thought of visiting them once in a lifetime. They are worth the hype because of their timeless beauty and iconic landscapes.

Nusa Dua Beach:

If you want an escape from the hustle and buzz of Bali, Nusa Dua Beach is the answer. This is a place for you to relax under the sun, enjoying cool drinks and peaceful thoughts while rejuvenating your body and mind.

Foods to try in Bali

Bali is the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia. This is not just because of the exotic beauty of the place, but the food of Bali plays an equal role to attract the crowd from around the world. Just like the diversified culture of Bali, the food of Bali is also loaded with varied tastes as it includes different spices. The cuisine of Bali is mostly influenced by Indian and Chinese cuisine which results in the delightful combo of dishes that are delicious as well as diverse in taste.

Following are the must-try food items when you are in Bali

Nasi Ayam:

One of the most special highlights of Balinese cuisine is Nasi Ayam. If you are a foodie and wandering in Bali, this dish is a must try for you. It comprises of chicken, satay, boiled egg, roasted peanuts, french bean salad, sambal and a bowl of steamed rice which will take you on the wild ride of flavors when you have it. The peanuts in the dish add to the unique crunchy flavor and makes it a must-try dish in Bali.

Ayam Betutu:

It is basically a bowl of steamed rice along with chunks of chicken with peanuts and salad to complete the dish. The chicken is roasted and then divided into chunks. The entire dish is really a Kickstarter for your taste buds.


It is the best dish when it comes to a dish full of coconuts. As a starter, this is a go-to dish in Bali. It is primarily made up of coconuts with chicken skin, jackfruit and chilies to complete the dish. Chicken skin adds up to a chewy flavor and makes it more appealing.

Babi Guling

One of the most appealing dishes of Bali, its uniqueness lies in the way it is prepared. Basically, an entire pig is stuffed with the spices and then sealed. Pork is grilled to add reddish look and rice is served along with the pork. A hint of green onions and cilantro adds to the unique flavor.


When it comes to sweets, Balinese have a very unique taste. Sweets are an integral part of any culture. Klepon, which is made of boiled rice cakes, filled with sugar and coconut gratings, is the most delicious sweet you will ever come across. This is available in small baskets, and you can get them anywhere in Bali.

Fish head soup:

Considered as one of the delicacies of Bali, fish head soup is made by boiling the entire fish and different spices are added to make it more fulfilling. Traditionally, cucumber is also added in it to enhance the taste and the mixed flavor looks quite delicious.

Things to do in Bali

Being in Bali is a dream come true. To make the most of your Bali trip you must know what exactly you are going to do when you arrive there. In a place like Bali, you have so many things to try, and the place gives you the chance to explore it the way you want to.

Hereunder is the list of things you must try in Bali

Go Island hoping:

You are in a place full of islands all around you. You will see some of the world’s most biodiverse sites when you are in Bali. Island hoping is the most wonderful thing you can do there. The place is home to the world’s most breathtaking islands that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. So, don’t miss the chance at any cost.

Head to Asia’s number one waterpark – Waterbom:

If you want to change the scenery, there is no better place for you than splashing and diving in Waterbom. It has been voted Asia best waterpark several times and is a perfect place to spend the day with friends and family.

Sunrise of Mount Batur:

Climbing on the top of an active volcano to catch the mesmerizing view of sunrise is the most amazing thing to do in Bali. Not only the sunrise but also the perfect breakfast that you get on the top is the reason to climb Mount Batur.

Hire a Yacht and sail your way:

Blue skies and crystal-clear water with green islands all around and a yacht to discover it all. That is what we call a Paradise. All you must do is hire a Yacht and move ahead to explore the coastlines of Bali. You will have an unforgettable experience to cherish forever.

Spend time on Bali’s beautiful beaches:

Cool ocean air and sun-kissed face, your beach life can’t get better than that. Bali’s beaches are known for their epic sunsets and the way they make you forget all your worries and let you enjoy in peace. Sunset cocktails, top-class surfing, some wild-sports adventures will make you feel glued to the place.

A visit to South Bali:

To explore the most vibrant neighborhoods of the area, South Bali is a place you should consider. The villages are full of traditions and cultures with beautiful natural backdrops. The people are sweet and welcoming so you will feel the warmth of the place.

Eat at roadside

Small cafes and restaurants that are serving proper Indonesian and Balinese food are the best places to try. There are a bunch of dishes for you to try and you can also consider the options that we have mentioned above. The food of Bali will make you go wow for sure.